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But why property rentals?

Real estate properties are probably the smartest investments one can make, like jewellery. But unlike sparkly baubles, they are hard to steal. However, maintenance can be pretty tricky especially if you do not live in in it. These days, the housing industry is also pretty challenged as less properties are being sold. The next best thing? Rent it out. Renting out your property may have little setbacks than selling it. But as much as there are disadvantages, there are advantages as well.

Steady Cash Flow

Unlike selling it, renting out your extra house would give you less income. Per month, that is. However, It guarantees you a stable rate of income per month aside from your day job. And this amount could help you with your savings, college fund, or anything that your regular monthly income may not be able to provide you with. Aside from that, moving to a new house will not mean that your old mortgage is done. A tenant’s monthly dues can help you out with that.

Less Tax

Every year, the rate of taxation for your home will be reduced according to the rate of depreciation. Taxes are also reduced based on the amount of repairs, insurance, and mortgage payments made.

Sell Later

Usually, rush sales would result into lower house prices when agents lowball. Having a tenant will give you enough time to do all the works necessary to increase your house’s value while giving you the income to supplement for the repair payments.

Having that Extra Eye on Your House

Most likely, when you move out of the house, you move to a farther location. No one moves to another house just along the street, right? This means less time for you to always be able to check on what need to be done on your old home. Having a tenant would mean that someone would be able to call your attention when something needs to be done. And this would mean less hassle than going there from time to time and check if there is anything, if any, to be done at all.

Also, empty houses are primary targets of thieves and squatters. Most of the time they stay and do damage without being caught and this could be very costly. A tenant living in your house could ward off possible unscrupulous people.

As mentioned earlier, Intire discuss the housing and letting industry is currently one of those that are challenged by the current economic situation. Renting out your house can help you avoid a derelict in the future while keeping it in shape for the best buyer.